Brock Lesnar Can Win Royal Rumble 2020? 5 Valid Reasons

By | January 12, 2020

There is no better contender than Brock Lesnar to win WWE Royal Rumble 2020 30 members match. To bet in 2020 Royal Rumble, Lesnar is the safest to bet on. Check out our 5 valid reasons and see if you can match your thoughts with them.

Can Brock Lesnar Win WWE Royal Rumble 2020?

The reasons for him having the highest chances for winning the 30 men match in the WWE Royal Rumble 2020 are as follows:

#1 No Contender For Him?

Last years’ Rumble was won by Reigns and John Cena had also won the match twice. There are some wrestlers who are out this year due to injury such as Randy Orton, Cesaro and Rollins. Bryan is also injured and the physician is not giving perfect to participate in 2020 Royal Rumble. There is Dean Ambrose who has sniffed the main event as he didn’t get a good response from the WWE front office but gets a huge response from the crowd. So there is nobody except Brock Lesnar and we have this option only.

Brock Lesnar Royal Rumble 2020

#2 Fans love him:

Reigns won the Rumble last year and Batista the year before that, there was huge outrage in wrestling fans in last two years. There is huge fan following of Brock Lesnar. People don’t like Bryan, Cesaro or any other grassroots to be in the match this year and half the problem will be gone if these are not allowed this year.

#3 Support from Other Members in the Ring:

If Lesnar is in 2020 Royal Rumble, it will be possible that he will mix with new faces like Big E, Kevin Owens and Neville. So the company could book him against made men like John Cena, Undertaker, Triple H and the Big Show for 95 percent of his limited dates. In most of the matches of Lesnar, one could see the real fight volatility and blood later and this elevates the feeling of Rumble. It is for sure that if Brock Lesnar is in the fray, all 29 other men will surely be on their game.

#4 Powerful than Anybody Else:

Well, when you talk about Brock Lesnar’s power, he as immense stamina and this helps him to survive in the ring for longer hours. And that’s what is needed in the matches like Royal Rumble 30 men match in a single ring. There are big guns like Big Show, Triple H, Undertaker, John Cena etc but the most powerful man out of all those is surely Brock Lesnar. The reason is he can lift Big Show, he defeated Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 by ending the streak and many more. So by this, it is quite clear that he can be the most powerful entry in the WWE Royal Rumble 2020.

#5 Match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the title is the best match for both. Sheamus is not capable of winning as he feels like a lame duck even though there has been only a week for him to be in WWE champion. So I doubt about his win. It’s for sure that Reigns will send him back. And for this reason, the Juggernaut will be looking for a worthy defence. There was a brutal match last year between Lesnar and Reigns but it ended inconclusively due to cash-in of Seth Rollins. So match between these two will be the most perfect one. It would be a vindicating win against the most protected wrestler that would attract the biggest crowd in the history. It is possible only if Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble.

So this makes the 5 genuine reasons why we think Brock Lesnar can win the Royal Rumble 2020 30 men match this year. What’s your prediction about the same? Do comment below and let us know your thoughts. By the way, we have already made some predictions about the same and we have listed out the Royal Rumble 2020 Date and venue too. So don’t forget to share it with your friends if they are not aware about the Royal Rumble 2020 latest happenings.

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