When is WWE Royal Rumble 2020? Date, Venue, Format!

By | January 12, 2020

WWE Royal Rumble 2020: Royal Rumble is considered to be the hottest WWE event in the history of wrestling. It is played every year, most probably in the month of January. According to the sources, this year, the Royal Rumble 2020 will be played on January 26th at Minute Maid Park in Houston in Texas. And most surprisingly, Texas will be hosting the biggest WWE Royal Rumble event for the 3rd time in the history of WWE.

When is WWE Royal Rumble 2020?

As said earlier that the event will be played on 26th January, the fans are already excited and guess what? They are already searching for the terms like WWE Royal Rumble 2020 and Royal Rumble matches. The excitement this time seems to be on peaks as all their favorite superstars will be taking part in the Royal Rumble match. As many fans would be new to this series of WWE match, they might be a bit confused with regards to the format of the Royal Rumble Full Match. So other than just providing the date and venue of Royal Rumble 2020, today, I am also providing the format in which the Royal Rumble will be played.

Format of WWE Royal Rumble 2020:

If you are new to this series of WWE wrestling, then you are sure to love each and every format of this mega event. WWE Royal Rumble’s match is played between 30 men in a single ring. But that doesn’t mean that all 30 wrestlers enter the ring at the same time. First 2 wrestlers come to the ring and then after the countdown starts. For every 90 seconds, a new player enters the ring and till the 30th player enters the ring, the 90 seconds countdown continues the same way.

What’s Next After 30 Members in a Ring?

Right after 2 players enter the ring, the aim of both the players would be to smash each other out of the ring and  survive in the ring till the very last minute of the match. Meanwhile, the other players enter the ring after every 90 seconds. As said before, the countdown continues until the 30th player steps in the ring. With more than 20 WWE superstars in the ring, it is always exciting to watch the biggest personalities at the same time in a single ring. Isn’t it? Most probably, this is the best format of Royal Rumble played every year.
wwe royal rumble 2020
The target of each and every player is to pull all the others out of the ring. Some might team up in the group of 3 or 5 to eliminate their rivals in the match and some might fight on their individual strengths. The one who survives in the ring eliminating rest 29 players will be the winner. And there’s one more reward Royal Rumble 2020 winner and that’s direct entry to WWE Wrestlemania’s World Heavy Weight Championship match. Other than this full match of Royal Rumble 2020, there are many other matches played between different players. A couple of tag team matches are played and most importantly, the WWE Tag Team Championship is the match to have a closer look. WWE World Heavy Weight Championship is also played in Royal Rumble 2020.
So this is all from the blog post of when is WWE Royal Rumble 2020 and its date and venue. You just saw the format of the full match too. Now just wait for the Royal Rumble 2020 results and let the things happen. If you loved the way the format was presented, you can share it with your friends to let them know the format of full match played at the event. Have fun!

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