WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results: Live Reaction and Review

By | January 12, 2020

Welcome to our live coverage of Royal Rumble 2020 Results.

Roman Reigns is set to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the 30-man Rumble match. Not only will he have to contend with dozens of current Superstars, but he will also have to fend off Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho.

Reigns was forced into the No. 1 spot, so the odds are heavily stacked against him. He won last year’s Rumble, but that was after entering the match at No. 19.

WWE likes to have surprises during the Battle Royal, so we could end up seeing some legends, new WWE signings, NXT Superstars or people returning from injuries appear in the match.

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Live Stream

In addition to the main event, every other title will be on the line. Here’s a look at the final card for Sunday’s show, according to WWE.com:

  • The Ascension vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. Darren Young and Damien Sandow vs. Jack Swagger and Mark Henry (the winners get spots in the Royal Rumble)
  • Charlotte (accompanied by Ric Flair) vs. Becky Lynch for the Divas Championship
  • Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto for the United States Championship
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship in a Last Man Standing match
  • The New Day vs. The Usos for the Tag Team Championships
  • Royal Rumble match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • Will Kofi Kingston find another creative way to save himself from elimination in the Rumble?

Can Lynch overcome Charlotte and Flair to win her first Divas title?

Will Ambrose or Owens be healthy enough after their bout to take part in the main event?

Can Kalisto regain the U.S. title from Del Rio to continue their game of hot potato with the belt?

And lastly, can Reigns possibly retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with so many things working against him?

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results

So far, this has been a great PPV. There may have been a few botched spots, but the action has been solid and we’ve seen a few surprises already.

Next up is the Royal Rumble match. Who do you think will walk out with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

During the Royal Rumble match, the updates will come whenever someone enters the match or someone is eliminated, so the play by play will be minimal.

Rusev has already been eliminated and No. 3 hasn’t even come out yet. The third person to enter the match is AJ FREAKING STYLES!!! Business just picked up.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch (Divas Title Match)

They exchange some words before the bell rings. They lock up and struggle for control. Charlotte gets taken down by Becky, but she gets to the ropes so Lynch can’t apply her submission.

Becky is knocked down, but she bridges out of the pin. They exchange some counters until Becky takes control and Charlotte retreats to the ropes to take a break.

Becky hits some deep armdrags before locking in an armbar. Charlotte fights to her feet, but is quickly taken back down. Becky sends Charlotte through the ropes to the outside. As the champion gets back on the apron, Becky hits her head into the turnbuckle to knock her back down.

Lynch tries to pursue, but Ric Flair gets in her way. Flair kisses Becky on the lips to distract her, so Becky slaps him in the face. Charlotte uses the distraction to take control.

Charlotte begins to slow the pace down as she hits a few kneelifts and puts Lynch in a headscissor submission, slamming Becky’s head into the mat with her legs.

She Slams Becky on her back a few times while never letting go of the headscissors. Becky powers her way to her feet and drops Charlotte with an electric chair.

Becky begins to build a head of steam, but she is stopped by a neckbreaker. Becky counters the Figure 8 with a right hand to the face. They start using different pinning combinations, countering each other at every turn.

Lynch hits the exploder suplex followed by three leg drops and another suplex for a close two count. Charlotte hits a spear out of nowhere for another pair of near falls.

Becky is on the top rope when she locks her legs around Charlotte’s arm and rolls through into an armbar. Charlotte uses her power to lift Lynch off the mat and slam her on her back for a two count.

Becky avoids a baseball slide and Charlotte accidentally hits Ric. Becky locks in the DisArmHer, but Flair throws his jacket and Becky to get her to break the hold.

Charlotte hits another spear to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Charlotte

Not a bad match, but I could have gone without Ric’s involvement. Becky should have won. Still, these two work well together.

After the match, Charlotte slams Becky’s face into the Divas title a few times. Sasha Banks’ music hits to a big pop.

The Boss heads to the ring looking serious. She ends up kicking Becky out of the ring and says “This is my spotlight.”

The crowd chants Sasha’s name until she extends her hand to Charlotte. It looks like their alliance from NXT is back on until Banks grabs Charlotte and hits a backstabber into the Banks Statement.

The crowd erupts as she pulls back on Charlotte’s head with all her strength. The Boss picks up the Divas title and holds it up to signify that she is pursuing the title.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto (U.S. Title Match)

Del Rio immediately takes control and uses his size advantage to control the pace. He corners Kaslito for some punches, but the little guy kicks him in the back to send him out of the ring.

Kalisto hits a suicide dive that looked more like a headbutt to take Del Rio down on the floor. Kalisto goes to the top rope, but Del Rio hits a running enzuigiri to take him down for a two count.

Kalisto tries to fight back, but Del Rio hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to stop him in his tracks. ADR goes to the top rope for a double ax handle.

They end up outside the ring again and Kalisto hits a hurricanrana. ADR hits a nasty looking gutbuster when they get back in the ring and then he brings Kalisto back outside to whip him into the barricade.

Del Rio tries to rip the mask off Kalisto, but the little guy fights him off and hits a seated senton. Del Rio quickly takes back control with a stiff kick to the head for another near fall.

Kalisto hits a tornado DDT from the second rope for a two count of his own. He starts to build some momentum as he hits a corkscrew elbow from the ropes.

Del Rio trips him on the top rope and then hits a reverse superplex. Kalisto screws up a spot and both men land bad, but they recover nicely. Kalisto trips Del Rio in the corner, but Del Rio gets him in position for his double stomp finisher.

Kalisto avoids it and hits the Salida Del Sol. He covers Del Rio, but the champ grabs the rope to break the count.

Kalisto springboards right into a pair of knees to give Del Rio a two count. The champ is starting to get frustrated and he pulls the turnbuckle cover off.

Kalisto sends Del Rio into the turnbuckle and then hits the Salida Del Sol to get the pin and become the new U.S. champion.

Winner: Kalisto

They needed to slow down. They messed up a few spots, but the outcome will likely make a lot of people happy.

The New Day vs. The Usos (Tag Title Match)

Kofi and Jimmy starts things off. They trade some quick holds, but it quickly breaks down and Kofi is sent to the outside so Jey can clothesline him on the floor.

Kofi hits a jawbreaker and tags in Big E, but Jey keeps control. Big E counters a leap frog in the corner and sends Jey into the ring post so hard he falls to the floor.

While the ref has his back turned, Woods hits a tornado DDT to Jey outside the ring. Kofi grounds Jey with a submission while Woods teases the crowd by not playing the trombone when they ask for it.

Jey and Kofi both try to hit a superkick, but Kofi trips Uso and keeps him down so Big E can hit a running splash. Big E hits a huge back elbow, but Jey’s legs are under the ropes so he can’t be pinned.

Jey finally creates some breathing room by kicking Kofi off the apron with an enzuigiri. Big E and Jimmy both get the tag, and Jimmy starts going crazy. The crowd seems to be behind New Day, so they boo Jimmy as he hits some of his signatures.

Jimmy nails Big E and Kofi with Samoan Drops, with Kofi getting his as he dove off the top rope. Jimmy sets up for the Superfly Splash, but he is distracted by Jey and Kofi fighting outside the ring.

Big E takes him down and hits a belly to belly suplex for a close two count. Big E tries to spear Jimmy off the apron, but he runs right into a knee lift. He goes to the well a second time and takes him down just moments after Jey came flying off the barricade to take down Kofi. All four men are down outside the ring.

They are clearly trying to match the level of excitement in the last match, and they are doing a good job considering they don’t have a crazy stipulation to work with.

When they get back in the ring, Kofi takes a superkick and a Superfly Splash, but he gets his foot under the bottom rope to stop the count thanks to some help from Woods.

Big E makes a blind tag right before Kofi takes a massive superkick. Uso jumps off the ropes, and gets caught by Big E with a Big Ending to give The New Day the win.

Winners: The New Day

They were going too fast at some points which caused things to get a little sloppy, but overall it was a good match.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens (Last Man Standing IC Title Match)

The bell rings and they immediately start trading punches. Ambrose gets the upper hand and puts Owens in the corner. Owens hits a kick to the gut to take control and follows up with chops in the corner.

Ambrose asks him for more, so Owens obliges with several more chops to the chest. Ambrose hits a running bulldog and a suicide dive that sends Owens over the announce table. Cole gets taken down hard by Owens as he flies over the table.

Owens is sent into the steel steps to initiate the first count of the match. Ambrose gets a kendo stick from under the ring and starts going to work on Owens.

Owens sends Ambrose through the barricade into the timekeeper’s area with a cannonball and the crowd begins to chant an obscenity. Ambrose is back up by the count of 8, but Owens is right there with the kendo stick to keep punishing him.

The bring the fight back in the ring where Owens hits a running senton to start another count.

Owens goes under the ring for several steel chairs which he throws in the ring. He tees off on Ambrose with one of them and then sits on one in the ring as the ref counts Ambrose down.

Ambrose gets back in the ring and hits the rebound clothesline. Owens almost hit his head on a chair on the way down. He hits Ambrose with a chair so hard it comes out of his hands.

Owens tries to powerbomb Ambrose through two chairs set up next to each other, but Ambrose counters with a back drop that sends Owens crashing through them instead. Owens catches Ambrose when he goes for another suicide dive and drives him into the apron in an impressive show of strength.

He follows up by slamming Ambrose into the steel steps twice. The crowd chants This is Awesome as the ref counts Ambrose down until he makes it back up by 9.

Owens gets two tables and stacks them outside the ring. He sets up Ambrose on the top rope for a superplex through the tables, but Ambrose counters and throws a chair at his face. The chair actually lands on Owens head and wraps around his neck.

After a nice sequence of counters, Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds to start another count. Owens gets up, so Ambrose hits another Dirty Deeds right into a steel chair.

Owens rolls out of the ring and lands on his feet to save himself from being defeated. Ambrose gets another table and puts Owens on top of it. He jumps off the top rope and drives him through the table with an elbow drop.

Both men barely make it back to their feet before the count of 10. Ambrose gets yet another table and puts it in the ring while Owens tries to recover in the corner.

These guys are killing it right now. They yell “I hate you” at each other as Ambrose sets up the table.

Owens tries to superplex Owens through the table, but Owens counters into a death valley driver on the way down and Ambrose crashes through the table hard.

They both beat the count by a hair. Owens hit the Popup Powerbomb and the ref begins to count again. Ambrose somehow makes it to his feet again. Owens gets pissed and cracks him in the back with a chair.

Owens sets up five chairs and lays Ambrose on top of them. He goes up top for a moonsault, but Ambrose shoves him off into the pair of tables at ringside. This is insane!

The ref counts to 10 and Ambrose retains in what might go down as the best Last Man Standing match of all time.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

I cannot say enough good things about these two men. Incredible performance from two guys who will definitely be sore for several days.

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